Tendon Injuries

About Tendon Injuries

Limp In Leap Out Physiotherapy & Wellness in Belfield and Croydon provides servicing to many near by Inner West suburbs including Belmore, Strathfield and Croydon park. See below some general information regarding a condition we can treat.

A Tendinopathy refers to the disorder of a tendon. A tendon connects muscle to bone. These tendons are designed to withstand load, however, constant repetitive and changes in load can cause a converse response. Our Limp In Leap Out Physiotherapy clinics are equipped to treat and manage your Tendon Injuries.

Originally thought to be a disorder of inflammation, tendinopathies generally constitute neovascularisation, which is an excess amount of blood vessels compromising the tendon. Later stages of tendinopathies involve micro tears and severe degeneration.

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