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About Lower Back Pain & Neck Pain

Limp In Leap Out Physiotherapy & Wellness in Belfield and Croydon provides servicing to many near by Inner West suburbs including Belmore, Strathfield and Croydon park. See below some general information regarding a condition we can treat.

Back and neck pain are the most common conditions that are seen at Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy in Belfield and Croydon.

The lower back supports the weight of the upper body and provides support for everyday activities. Much of the injuries to the lower back can occur due an problems associated with joints, muscles or nerve (for more information on nerve injuries see Nerve Injuries). Being a complex and well-designed structure, it leaves the lower back susceptible to injury and pain.

The neck supports the weight of the head. When the weight of the head has been measured close to 30 kgs, this can be straining on the surrounding structures. Like the lower back, you can feel a dull achy pain, muscle spasms, tightness, difficulty actively moving your neck or back, and difficulty holding positions for an extended period.

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