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About Frozen Shoulders

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Frozen shoulder (also known as adhesive capsulitis) is a self-limiting inflammatory condition of the shoulder. It is a disorder that is characterised by pain and stiffness surrounding the connective tissue of the shoulder capsule. At Limp In Leap Out Physiotherapy, we often assist patients with managing this condition to get you back into work and sport life.

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Frozen Shoulder Physio Belfield NSW


Literature states there are 3 phases of Frozen Shoulder:

  • Acute/ freezing/ painful phase: generally characterised by shoulder pain at rest or with active movements
  • Adhesive/ frozen/ stiffening phase: pain begins to subside; shoulder range of motion is reduced further.
  • Resolution/ thawing phase: progressive improvement in all aspects of shoulder range of motion.

    Throughout the phases, a sufferer may be feeling:

    • Pain in the shoulder at rest and with movement
    • Reduced movement in the shoulder (raising arm to the side of your body, externally rotating your arm to the side)
    • The feeling of your shoulder braced and tensed
    • Shoulder weakness



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