About Us


Limp In Leap Out Physiotherapy & Wellness is a physiotherapy clinic based in Belfield and Croydon, NSW. We provide a premium quality physio services and back our ability to offer the most effective and efficient treatment protocols to maximise results.
Limp In Leap Out Physiotherapy & Wellness Belfield

Our Story

Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy began in late 2016 out of Michael’s garage in Belfield. Michael started marketing the business with door knocking and going to nearby gyms to advertise.

In 2019 Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy grew big enough from our after hours work that we were able to move to a shop front premise in the heart of Belfield shops. It was a bold and risky move that paid off. We were instantly able to hire our first staff member from this moment and have grown exponentially ever since.

Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy Croydon

After 6 years of successful operation in Belfield, we recognised the growing demand for our services and the need to reach more individuals in different communities. In partnership with Willis Choi, we took a leap of faith and expanded our presence by opening a second practice in Croydon. This expansion not only allowed us to extend our reach but also enabled us to continue our mission of providing top-notch physiotherapy care to even more people
Limp in Leap out Physiotherapy Croydon

Why Choose Us?

5 Star Service

Providing unmatched quality treatments and customer care is a major priority for us. We have helped hundreds of patients and have received 250+ 5 star reviews on Google.

Optimal Results

Our team is dedicated to finding the right solution for you and will treat the cause of your problem. We implement current and effective evidence to achieve optimal results.

State Of The Art Facility

We have a state of the art modern clinic that is furbished with a strengthening and conditioning gym.

Collabortive Approach

To ensure you receive the best treatment, we will engage in consistent communication with your doctor and specialist.

Friendly & Passionate Team

We have an experienced team of friendly and passionate physiotherapists who are dedicated to providing the best treatment protocols.

Non-Conventional Methods

We also utilise non-conventional techniques to further benefit specific injuries that many other clinics don’t use.


With Belfield’s and Croydon’s Best Physios